Interpreting the shapes, colours and forms found in nature into fabric, helps me understand the wilderness and its special environment. This has also allowed me to continue investigating the relationship between space and textiles, such as the lines of trees as they narrow from thick trunks to thinner tops, all the way out to the sprawling canopy. Whilst my works are organic they are not only decorative, but have sculptural and architectural values, that raises them above craft skills and mere functionality. All the pieces can be reshaped and re-installed in different ways to reflect the changeability of nature. This way I can form the shape and mood of the works depending on the space available.


The most important constituent materials I use are thin copper and steel wires in varying colours and diameters. The inclusion of wire allows the pieces to be twisted and contorted to take the shapes desired. It also enables me to produce different textures on the surface of the pieces to catch the light, and enhance the sculptural form. I also use paper yarn, fishing line, plastic tubes, photographic film, telephone cables, sheet metal and a variety of fibres.


I hand weave every piece on my looms.

I use an ancient technique called double weaving to realise most of my works. Native Americans usedthis technique to make sacks and double sided rugs. This way of weaving allows me to create cylindrical shapes which is the basis of my three-dimensional pieces. The other technique I often apply is coiling.


MA in Textile Design

Hungarian University of Art and Design 1994-2000

To Australia: 2001









My major source of inspiration has been the Tasmanian wilderness. Tasmania is a wonderland of ocean waves, rugged cliff tops, soaring trees and even the tiny shells, all of which serve to ignite my imagination. I now live in Melbourne and I am looking forward to discovering the Victorian landscape and wilderness to further inspire my work. 


  • Large number of group and solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas
  • Large scale public art projects as part of the "Art  for Public Building Scheme" by the Tasmanian government 
  • Site specific private commissions
  • ​Gallery sales
  • Finalist of the Hobart City Art Prize
  • Awards as  emerging textile artist 
  • Recent years - exhibiting in Melbourne, collaborating with a sculptor and starting a jewellery line    
  • Latest Exhibition, "Exploring Nature(s)" Barn Gallery, Montsalvat, April 2017